Monday, January 21, 2013


Labodega restaurant and bar in Zamalek
1.The Bistro:
situated on the first floor of the iconic Baehler building in Zamalek ,the Bistro is one of Cairos best known venues for contemporary dining , its open for lunch and dinner and offers a rich menu of modern French  and Mediterranean cuisine and a strong wine list, signature house dished include savories such as Duck Filo in Orange Sauce and a Braised Salmon Almondine .
The main dining room at the Bistro is a reinterpretation of the 1930s  French Brasserie and a unique space in Cairo ,its famous for its high cielings and large customized muralsand sculptures created by contemporary Egyptian artists,theres also a bar area where you can just go and hangout with your friends and enjoy a drink and wide selection of concktails or a simple beer.
Is an exclusive Italian Aperitivo Bars and cafes in Milano.
The menu eccentuates Italien fine dining with a wide range of Italian classics ,includes a rich selection of Pastas and risottos  aswell as meat and fish dishes,Aperitivo is well known for its own home made pastas and bread and ice cream  freshly prepared in the restaurant everyday.
Locatd in the first floor of Baehler Mansion in Zamalek ,Aperitivo is the first restaurant of its kind on the ciaro dining scene .
For reservations,
Its open from 17.00 daily.

Abou ElSid

One of the most famous restaurants in Cairo is Abou El Sid restaurant , rich old-style art and low round tables emanating an aura of the glamorous past as lilting music plays in the background and flavourful odours waft about, with an ambiance that harkens back to the1940s,where you wine and dine and enjoy great oriental cuisine and a great sheesha.

Abou El Sid offers a full blown Egyptian culinary experience that will most likely leave you feeling  well-fed,
the menu holds many options both heavy and hearty, so be sure to bring an appetite. The appetizers, which range from 12LE to 25LE, give a fair showing of Egyptian starters  . The cheese sambousak are perfectly fried; the babaganoug is generally fresh and zesty; the tahina is perfectly lemony and the vine leaves are delicate and well seasoned. A basket of both crisp and soft bread accompanies the dishes.the chicken liver is amazing and tasty.
The main dishes reign at Abou El Sid. The Circasian chicken in walnut sauce (50LE) tastes like no one else's. the pungent walnut sauce adds the perfect amount of creamy flavour without being overwhelming and the chicken is tender and delicate. A mountain of rice compliments the dish and despite everything appearing the same colour, it provides a plethora of lively tastes and spices.
The molokheya with chicken, (48LE) presented in rustic dishes, is delightful; the chicken is grilled to tenderness, the rice steaming.
The Egyptian specialty of pigeon (30LE for a single bird, 55LE for two) is tasty but not all that filling. What meat is on the bird is tender and the plump grains of freek absorb the flavour nicely.
Dessert, like most of the menu, is comprised of Egyptian specials, the Om Ali (20LE) coming most highly recommended. With all this filling and flavour-rich cuisine, you would be wise to order from the menu of juices to add something light to your meal.
Abou El Sid imposes a 75LE-minimum charge on weekends, but appetizers, entrees and desserts can quickly put you over 100LE. Expect to spend around 300LE on a feast for two. While the portions are large and the meals commendable, many things can be found in the comfort of our own kitchens – think of it as home cooking with a nostalgic spin. If you need the extra edge of old world grandeur, it may be well worth the price.

For reservations ,

157, 26th Of July St.
Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt.
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cool Hangouts n Zamalek

In Cairo you can entertain yourself and enjoy your time with friends and enjoy great cuisine,great food and great ambiance, you find that in several restaurants and bars and cafe in several areas like Zamalek and Mohandesseen, Dokki ,Maadi ect......
lets start with the Zamalek area coolest hangouts where you can wine and dine and enjoy great company and great ambiance,L'Aubergine(Zamalek)Situated on a small side street off Brazil Street in Zamalek, Its a two floors restaurant ,the ground floor area oozes warmth as you step in,its decorated in modern furniture,the ambient lighting and simple furniture invite you to have a relaxed dinner and drinks. Among the bustling conversations, the service is attentive and quick. The menu hasn’t changed much over the years and would especially cater to vegetarians with many interesting non-meat options such as vegetarian couscous (32LE), ricotta/mint ravioli with yoghurt sauce (34LE), pumpkin kobeiba and their known to be delicious mushroom quartet (38LE).
 The chicken teriyaki main course (48LE) was tasty, with a slight kick of spice and tender pieces of chicken lathered in teriyaki sauce. The rice could have been a bit smoother and the sauce a little bit lighter, but overall it was enjoyable. The gnocchi with Bolognese sauce (36LE) was also very good, being well seasoned and full of flavour. However, the gnocchi pieces themselves are quite large and could fill you up rather quickly.

They serve most alcohols at L’Aubergine, with the actual bar placed upstairs, though. A Heineken beer goes for 31LE, and as the most expensive wine, a glass of Ayam Zaman costs 50LE, while a tequila shot is priced at 50LE.

The atmosphere is perfect for Thursday night drinks and a snack, or even a date. The chilled out music makes for a relaxed setting and the overall prices are relatively decent. If you’ve finished your meal and feeling like a little more action, maybe pop up to the upper floor and check out the shiny bar, younger crowds and pumping music. Otherwise, downstairs is the way to go.

For location and the reservation:

5 Sayed El Bakry St.
Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt.
Bar, International